We offer a smart home that really understands its residents!

The Inventife room sensor - first choice for...

Save energy

With clever automation, you can save 10% on electricity costs for lighting and even 20% on heating costs!

More comfort

Our sensor recognizes what is happening in the room. With this information, you can automatically activate scenes when a situation arises!


Is anyone at home? Is everything OK in the rooms?
The Inventife room sensor answers these questions for you and informs you immediately in an emergency!

And much more...

You can find additional functions specifically for your applications in our Feature Store and expand the functionality of your sensor!

Inventlife Invenlife

This is how it works:

A central sensor detects the presence, behavior and needs of the people in the room. We use this information to enableautomationin your building.

Simple installation

The sensor is mounted in an installation socket and connected with a single cable!

Simple setup

The sensor can be configured from any browser via the web interface!

Connection to your home

We offer various interfaces, for example to KNX, Loxone, MQTT and many more without any additional effort!

Only 1 sensor

You only need 1 sensor per room and for small rooms you don't even need a separate sensor!

Inventlife Invenlife

Inventlife Invenlife

Information for:

Enabled by Inventife


25 %
Energy saving
3,4 million
falls per year in the DACH region


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